Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Construction Punch List Software and Construction Task List App

In the growing trend of construction and mobile service applications a new start up from Tampa Florida is leading the way creating a new way to view and manipulate blueprints and project documents. Mako Technologies Inc. started by creating Tab Loop for the HVAC Test and Balance industry and then realized the platform was useful in other industries.
         Mako Technologies Inc. has begun working with hardware manufacturers to integrate remote sensors and data collection instruments into easily generated reports following industry standard reporting guidelines not just spitting out numbers that someone then has to transfer into a report. Mako Technologies Inc. has also created the Mobile Punch list Application that makes assigning tasks and managing your punchlist easy and efficient. Simply upload a blueprint using wifi or data connection and you can mark it up creating a task/punch list as you go. Add photo's from your mobile device's library so everyone is one the same page. Mako’s Mobile Punchlist Application is designed for use in any industry that needs mobilization of task punchlists, to-do lists or taks . When your done, simply save it on your device to edit or manage your list at any time. You can also email this punchlist to any valid email address and recipients may edit the list or complete assignments and return the list to you. Coming soon they are adding cloud connectivity to the Punch List app to  allow real time collaboration on lists.
         Contact Andrew at Mako Technologies Inc. for information on how they can make mobile technology work for your business.

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