Monday, August 19, 2013

Tab Loop HVAC Test and Balance Software

After many years of association with the HVAC industry, Mako-Technologies realized there was a great demand for a mobile software solution that would centralize all members of a project, assist in data collection and streamline data to formulate unified reports that are certified according to industry regulations.
Tab Loop was created specifically for the HVAC industry in a sense that it allows for customization of the company’s branding, data requirements and company contacts. From a central project management portal, projects can be created and tasks assigned with our software solutions making each project not only paper free but virtually error free. All members of a specific project have secure access to information and tasks specifically assigned to them and data that is collected from team members is synced to the project through remote services with simple internet connectivity. This enables project managers and administrators the ability to see real time data, assist with any change orders or approve items on site from any location. Efficiency and accuracy are the main focus of this software.
Tab Loop has the capability to generate test and balance reports from data collected automatically or use your company’s standard forms currently used for reporting. With this software, there is no need to transcribe data which eliminates any human error factors. If data collected does not meet the requirements established by the project administrator during set up, the reporting will not balance which eliminates error and additional time revisiting job sites to obtain accurate information. Easy to use, efficient and affordable Tab Loop is test & balance….SIMPLIFIED!

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