Friday, August 16, 2013

Top Reasons Construction Companies Need Great Websites

After a survey of google for construction companies web sites I was amazed at how bad most of the companies web presence was, especially the small ones. Web page designs were outdated with old content as if the company paid for a page back in 2001 and forgot about it. With upwards of 93% of people in the united states using the internet to find products and services this is amazing to me. Most companies used web pages that were not designed for mobile devices to view. With everyone using cell phones and tablets these days it doesn't make sense from a marketing stand point to not have an adaptive web site. When a home owner is looking for a contractor they most likely do a web search and pick the company that has the most professional and informative website and has the best online reviews. Here is a list of the main reasons you as a construction business owner should take your web presence seriously.

-First Impression is Only Impression
With as many as 87% of residential customers looking for contractors using the internet to research who they are going to hire, you only get one chance to make a first impression. A clean, easily searchable, and professional website conveys those same messages about your company. Lets face it most people who hire contractors for their homes don't know much about home construction so your web page may be the only thing they go by when making a decision.

-Showcase Your Expertise

You control the image you portray. If you are great at what you do, what better way is there to let potential customers know, than to show them. If you are a builder, a designer, landscaper or any number of things, showcasing your previous work will give potential clients an idea of what you are capable of, and what they can expect should they utilize your services. Don't just throw up poorly taken photo's of projects make sure what you are posting represents the quality of work you are aiming to showcase.

-Better Design Brings in More Views = More Sales

A professionally designed and optimized website will perform better in search engines bringing more potential business to you. A great website design has a much higher sales conversion rate. That all translates to more sales and exposure.

-Connect with Potential Clients

With maintained social media and links to your website you can connect with customers before they even need your services. Create how to blogs or videos with information that showcases your expertise and post them on your companies social media pages(assuming you have them). This can bring you customers that you would have never connected with otherwise.

Mako Technologies Inc. knows how to bring your business customers through great software and webdesign.

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